Salford Community Leisure is run for and by the people. We are Open, Honest, Socially Responsible and Care for Others.

Our vision is:

“To enhance the lives of people living in Salford, through sport, leisure and cultural opportunities.”

We will deliver this vision through:

  1. Improving Health and Wellbeing
  2. Increasing Community Involvement
  3. Developing Education and Skills
  4. Enriching the Environment

Our current plan provides the strategic framework for the achievement of the above outcomes in the content of a very challenging environment. The plan covers a five year period but will remain a live and reactive documents.

Download the 2019-24 Strategic Plan.


Our priorities detail what we intend to achieve. They are set in consultation with our members, employees, partners, customers and board members and are informed by internal and external factors.

To demonstrate the impact of our work and show how we contribute to our own aims and also the outcomes of our commissioners, we monitor on a  regular basis and review at the end of the financial year to highlight our key achievements and showcase the breadth and success of our services.