We offer a range of different programs throughout the week, including:

Check out our Timetable for session times and book via our App. All sessions must be booked in advance.

Access our constantly varied functional training sessions at high intensity to improve anaerobic and aerobic thresholds.  All programmes are designed to flow allowing a workout related warm-up / skill development focus, with scaled options where required allowing achievable results for all participants delivered by CrossFit SCL’s dedicated trainers.  Sessions are specific, supportive, challenging and fun.

Access the box at your own leisure and workout to your own independent programme.

With a focus on moderate to high intensity, coaches programme workouts to challenge energy systems allowing improvements in capacity prolonging fatigue.  In short we build a well-rounded  engine to for better performance.

A qualified Olympic lifting specialist will assist learning and development of participants technique to help improve motor patterns, improve bar cycle efficiency and achieve new PB’s safely and efficiently.

Guided development sessions with a focus on CrossFit based gymnastics movements /exercises.  Session are tailored and scaled as per participant ability from beginner to advanced, to hitting that first kipping pull-up or handstand to cycling efficiently though multiple muscle-ups or navigating effectively through handstand agility courses.

Take part in a number of specialised WOD’s designed to challenge every level of participant, taking your training to that next level.  Simply put these workouts focus on maximising output and increasing your overall metabolic conditioning.

With an emphasis on core strength improve your all round fitness and well-being whilst working on balance, posture, flexibility and mind-body connection.  Our instructors will assist development as well as improving foundation skills to benefit natural movement and athletic performance.