Your SCL membership will automatically unfreeze from 1 October.

As we operated a phased re-opening of our centres, all members were offered the chance to unfreeze their memberships and return. We’ve been welcoming back thousands of our members and had a great response from those enjoying gym sessions, group exercise classes and swimming. Check out some of their feedback.

Now our leisure centres have re-opened, your membership will automatically be unfrozen from Thursday 1 October. This means you can return to our centres and we’d love to welcome you back soon.

Badminton and Squash is now available to book at the relevant leisure centres, find out more about how to book. Unfortunately all our saunas and steam rooms will remain closed for the foreseeable future. As per government COVID-19 guidance, we are unable to re-open these facilities in our leisure centres and do not have a date when they will be able to re-open.

What this means

You will be able to return to our leisure centres and continue using all aspects of your SCL membership from Thursday 1 October.

If you pay by direct debit, your membership payments will restart from Thursday 1 October.

If you have an annual membership and have paid upfront, you will have the time lost due to closure, added to the length of your membership.

Your options

You now have 3 options to choose from regarding your SCL membership:

  1. Unfreeze your membership – You can do this now or wait until it automatically unfreezes on 1 October. Then you’ll be able to return to our centres and get back to the gym, classes and swimming, you don’t need to do anything.
  2. Keep your membership frozen – If you’re not quite ready to return, then you can pay £5 per month to keep your membership frozen. This needs to be paid upfront and can be for a maximum of 6 months, just complete a request to remain frozen form. This is the best option if you feel you’re not quite ready to return now, but you may be in a few months.
  3. Cancel your membership – If you feel you are not ready to return, then you can cancel and you will not incur any further charges. If you have paid upfront for an annual membership, then we will refund the amount unused based on the period of closure.

If you do wish to cancel, you must complete a cancellation request form. Please note, if you do cancel we cannot guarantee that you can sign up to a new membership in the future with the same rate you were previously paying.

We’re following government guidance and we’re confident the new procedures we have implemented enable our members to return safely, so we’d love to welcome you back soon.

We understand you might have lots of questions about your membership unfreezing, so to help answer your queries we’ve created a range of resources:

If you have any queries regarding your membership, please email