Your membership was automatically unfrozen on Wednesday 2nd December. This means you can return to our centres from this date and we’d love to welcome you back soon. Don’t forget to book your session via our app.

However, if you’re not quite ready to return, then you can keep your membership frozen for free for the period we remain in Tier 3. Once we are taken out of Tier 3, your membership will then be automatically unfrozen if you have requested to remain frozen now.

For any freeze request that is not related to the Tier 3 restrictions or to guarantee your membership stays frozen for longer there will be a £5 per month charge.

If you are freezing for medical reasons and can provide proof to your membership will be frozen free of charge.

Clarendon Leisure Centre closure

Clarendon Leisure Centre will be closing on Monday 14th December to become a venue for the NHS COVID-19 Vaccination Service. Find out more about the implications for our members.

To keep your membership frozen, simply complete the form below.