It’s never too late to learn to swim, so take the plunge with us!

Our Adult Learn to Swim Lessons are suitable for complete beginners to experienced swimmers who would just like some additional coaching to improve their technique.

Adults have very different needs to children when learning to swim – as an adult, you have different motivations and learn in different ways. Our Adult Swimming lessons take this into account, providing goals and targets suitable for those aged 16+.

Following the ASA Adult Swimming Framework with emphasis on us offering wider opportunities to improve your swimming through the following:

  • Lessons to help combat nervousness
  • Total beginner lessons
  • Improve lessons
  • Swimming stroke lessons
  • Access to SwimFit sessions
  • Access to swimming clubs
  • Adult certificates to reward progress

Adult lessons are available at:

Take a look at the Swim England adult swimming lessons video for a taste of what we offer!

Free Trial

Free adult trial lessons are available to you to try out a lesson before committing to a course – our friendly and knowledgeable swim instructors will guide you through the lesson.

Enquire about your free trial today by completing the form at the top of this page.

Enquire now for adult lessons at:
How to Pay

There are two ways to pay for lessons:

  • You can sign up to a Direct Debit and spread the cost with regular monthly payments of £23 whilst avoiding the queues at reception.
  • If you would prefer to pay by cash or card over the counter, you can pay £60 for a block of 10 lessons.