Clarendon Leisure Centre will be closing on Monday 14th December to become a venue for the NHS COVID-19 Vaccination Service.

We support the news that Salford residents will have access to the vaccine through this service, but understand the closure of our centre has implications for our members.

The centre will close at 8pm after the last gym session on Monday 14th December and will not reopen until further notice. Please be aware we expect the centre to be closed for a number of months whilst the vaccination process continues. We will inform all members when we have a confirmed re-opening date.

What this Means
  • The centre will be closed for all activities
  • Members will not be able to book or attend any gym, swim, badminton sessions or group exercise classes
  • Swimming lessons will not be taking place at Clarendon Leisure Centre

If you have an SCL membership and use Clarendon as your local centre, you have a number of options.

Choose the best option to suit you:

  • Carry on as normal. Your SCL membership means you can continue to enjoy the facilities at any one of our other leisure centres across Salford. This includes Ordsall Leisure Centre which will re-open from Monday 4th January 2021.
  • Clarendon only membership. If you have a Clarendon only membership, you can now also use our facilities at any of our other leisure centres across Salford at no extra charge for the duration of the Clarendon closure. If you would like your Clarendon only membership to be extended to enable you to access our other centres, then please email
  • Freeze your membership- put your membership on hold for free, with the guarantee that it will be reactivated when we re-open at the price you are currently paying, regardless of any price increases we may have applied in the meantime.
  • Cancel your membership* – if you do cancel we cannot guarantee what the price will be when you re-join. You will need to sign up at the price that applies at the time, which could be more than you currently pay. Freezing guarantees you stay on the price you are paying now!

Members are kindly asked not to attend this, nor any other vaccine service until they are eligible and have received a personal invitation from the NHS. In the meantime, please continue to abide by hands, face, space guidance, which will still save lives.

*Terms and conditions apply

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