We’re delighted to confirm that all swimming lessons across our pools restarted on Monday 7 September.

We’re excited about restarting and can’t wait to welcome back everyone on their learn to swim journey.

As many children may not have been swimming for some time, the first month of lessons will see our instructors helping swimmers return to the water and focusing on water safety.

We’ve been working hard and following Swim England guidance and we’re confident the new procedures we are implementing will enable our lessons to operate safely.

There will of course be some changes you need to be aware of, but we want to make it as simple as possible for everyone to return.

What’s Different?

Certain new measures are in place to help aid with social distancing.

Please do not arrive too early for your lesson, you will only be admitted into the leisure centre 5 minutes before the start of the lesson.

We ask, where possible children should come swim ready, with swimwear underneath their clothes, to reduce time in our changing areas.

There will be designated points in each centre where parents will drop off children with their swimming teacher at the start of their lesson. There will also be collection points for parents to meet their child at the end of the lesson.

We are unable to allow parents to watch lessons on the pool side due to social distancing regulations. In the majority of our centres, parents will be able to watch lessons from the viewing galleries. However at Worsley Leisure Centre, this means that unfortunately for parents with children in lessons in the small or medium pools, there is no pool side viewing. Children should be dropped off with teachers and parents return at the end of the lesson to collect them.

Whilst our showers are open, we ask, where possible that children shower at home after their lesson.


All lessons will return on the same day and time as before lockdown. So whichever stage lesson your child was in for their last lesson, they will return to that class. This is the same for adult swimming lessons.

No swimmers will be able to change to a different stage or a different lesson during September. After that, our instructors will be able to reassess if anyone needs to move up to the next stage.

If you are unable to return to the same lesson or are not ready to return to swimming lessons, then you are able to cancel your lessons. But please be aware if you do cancel, we cannot hold a place for your child and cannot guarantee they can return to the same lesson at a later date.

Remember to log into the Learn To Swim portal via the SCL app to remind yourself which lesson your child attended previously.


If you previously paid for your lessons via Direct Debit, this will restart from 7 September.

The difference will be that for September, your first monthly payment will only be £15.

If your Direct Debit usually comes out on the 1st of the month, then your £15 September charge will be added to your usual monthly payment of £22. So your October payment will be a one-off of £37.

If your Direct Debit usually comes out on the 15th of the month, then your £15 September charge will be taken on 15th September.

If you pay for lessons via a 10 week block pass, the remaining lessons you didn’t receive due to lockdown will automatically stay on your account so you don’t miss out on any lessons.


If you have any queries about our swimming lessons restarting, see our Swimming Lesson FAQs.

If you have any specific queries about your child returning to lessons, please ask at reception or call 0161 778 0030 and select your local leisure centre. Please note you will not be able to change your child’s lesson until 1st October.

If you are ready to return and you have your direct debit in place, then you don’t need to do anything else, just turn up for the first lesson.

Marie Leather, Health & Fitness and Aquatics Manager at Salford Community Leisure said,

“We can’t wait to welcome all our swimmers back to their lessons. Our instructors are ready to make your return as safe and enjoyable as possible. Hope to see you all soon!”

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