If you can’t go, just let us know.

We’re encouraging all our members not to be a No Show and attend the gym and swimming sessions you’ve booked, or cancel if you can’t make it.

With our new booking system in place it’s essential all activities are booked in advance. This was introduced when we re-opened after lockdown. The system is in place to help us to adhere to social distancing guidelines, monitor the number of people in our centres and help to keep our staff and members safe.

We want to avoid No Shows – where members booking a session, but not turning up. No Shows impact all our members. It potentially means that another member, who was able to attend is unable to book on because a session is full, but then a No Show means that a place is available and could have been taken by another member. So it’s vital you attend or cancel if you can’t make it.

With limited number of places available for sessions, the message is simple to all our members:

Don’t be a No Show. If you can’t go, just let us know.

Cancelling means we can open up that place to another member to take advantage and attend.

We understand there’s lots of reasons you might need to cancel a session and that’s fine. So whether you just can’t make it, or the dog ate your trainers, just let us know and cancel.

The easiest way to cancel, or book a different session is via the app. Simply go to ‘my bookings’, select the session and cancel if needed. Alternatively, cancel online. You can cancel evening sessions after 4pm up to 2 hours before the session and morning sessions before 12pm must be cancelled the night before.

Existing cancellation regulations are still in place for group exercise classes.

We’re all in this together, so please do you you’re bit to help. Don’t be a No Show. If you can’t go, just let us know.

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