Our new approach to PT gives you the chance to work with a range of highly qualified and vastly experienced personal trainers.

They will help you to achieve the results and body you have always dreamed of! Personal training takes the guess work and confusion out of exercise and is specific to YOU. With packages suited to fit every lifestyle can you really afford not to?

How it works

Find out more about each Personal Trainer below and choose who best suits your needs. Contact them directly and they will get back to you to arrange to meet up and discuss a plan.

Each trainer may offer different training packages with different price options. Trainers work on a freelance basis independent from SCL and you pay them direct for their service. Any agreement reached for the delivery of sessions is with them and not SCL.

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Danielle Kelly

Personal Trainer

Danielle has worked as a Freelance instructor for Salford Community Leisure for the last 6 year teaching a variety of classes from Body Pump, Metafit to Box Fit and Body Balance.

As part of her commitment to Salford Community Leisure she has also qualified as a Level 4 Cardiac and Rehab Specialist to deliver classes to members who have long term illnesses.

Danielle is now available to help members achieve their own personal goals through her Personal Training sessions. Working with Danielle will ensure that each individual receives that personal attention and she will ensure that every journey is different as is everyone’s goals

Dave Parkin

Dave Parkin

Personal Trainer

Dave is an expert in Personal Training and Group Fitness Instructing.

His passion is to have the most positive impact possible on the lives of anyone that he works with, helping them become the healthiest, happiest version of themselves. That goes way beyond helping people look the best they ever have, and covers performance, mindset, motivation and lifestyle.

Dave himself, really struggled with my weight and fitness, so you are not alone. Whether its weight loss, training for specific sports, gaining strength, or general fitness and guidance, everybody deserves to be healthy, and it does not have to be difficult, yet it always seems to be.

Tom Vasey

Personal Trainer

Tom is a Fitness and Nutrition Coach who specialises in athletic performance & body recomposition. Tom knows what it’s like to feel in desperate need of a complete lifestyle overhaul.

Tom began struggling with his weight and self-esteem back when he was at university. Apparently, a diet of beer, Oreos and cigarettes isn’t the healthiest combination!  Eventually, he decided that something had to change. He became obsessed with exercise & nutrition and started implementing the techniques and strategies that he now teach to all his clients.

Tom’s goal is to help people find the right path for them so that they can look great, perform optimally and feel awesome.


L4 NASM Personal Trainer
L4 Obesity & Diabetes
L3 Sports Conditioning
L3 Nutrition Coach

Beth Cunniffe

Beth Cunniffe

Personal Trainer

Beth is a qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer who specialises in Weight Loss, Strength Building & Gym Confidence.

Her passion is helping people become healthier and happier in sustainable, long term ways. Diet culture has had a toxic effect on so many of us and she wants to show people that they can get the results they’re looking for without depriving themselves of the things they love. Beth’s ethos is about helping people make small, consistent and achievable changes that they can incorporate into their daily lifestyle. How does she know this works? Because she’s done it herself!

She fell in love with fitness so became a qualified Personal Trainer to help others feel the same. This includes helping people achieve a healthier mindset, ditching the all or nothing approach and bringing some simplicity and balance to health and fitness.

You’re capable of so much more than you think you are and no matter what your goals, Beth can help you reach them. She’s available for personal training sessions and small group training sessions throughout our various leisure centres.