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We know that many of you are missing your weekly instrumental music lessons because you’re not in school, so we have been working with many of our tutors to find a way that lessons can still take place during isolation.

We are using a number of online platforms including Skype and Zoom to arrange music lessons for pupils who already had a direct billing relationship with us, but we are pleased to now extend that offer to musicians who usually had their lessons organised by their school, or brand new learners who want to use this opportunity to develop a new skill!

Many of our tutors are continuing to offer lessons whilst the office is officially closed, and our administrative team are all working from home to support setting lessons up. Browse the terms and conditions, the cost of lessons and how our online lessons work.

Who can have lessons online?

Anyone, of any age, can apply to have lessons – you’re never too old to learn a new skill!

How do I set the lessons up?

If you would like to set up some lessons, please download and complete the lesson form which is on the final page of the document on the right, and email it to If you know the name of your child’s usual tutor then please include this in the email and if they are available we will ask them to contact you to arrange the first lesson. If your child’s usual tutor is not able to offer lessons at this time, we have a large number of professional, experienced tutors and will be able to suggest a suitable alternative. You will be able to transfer back to your usual tutor once normality resumes.

Tutors will provide our administrative team with weekly registers and you will be contacted once a month to make payment for the lessons you have received. Payment can be made over the phone by credit or debit card.