Are you or someone you know recovering from cancer?

The CAN-Move Programme is a free 12 week structured Exercise and Physical Activity Programme for anyone having or recovering from cancer treatment. Delivered by exercise specialists from The Active Lifestyles Team.

Benefits of becoming more active include:

  • Help’s to reduce impact of treatments and their side effects
  • Improved strength, stamina and mobility
  • Helps to manage weight which can help reduce the risk of 13 different types of cancer
  • Reduce the risk of re-occurrence of certain types of cancers by as much as 40% (Macmillan)
  • Increases in energy levels and management of fatigue (reported improvements of up to 88% reduced fatigue scores through completion of the CAN-Move Programme)
  • Helps improve wellbeing and mood (reported improvement of up to 85% improved well being scores through completion of the CAN-Move Programme)

The CAN-Move Programme includes:

  • Exercise in a relaxed atmosphere, delivered to you individually or in a group setting, providing support and encouragement
  • Face to face and online support available
  • Includes supervised gym sessions and specialist CAN-Move Circuit classes
  • Wider activities of Salford Wellbeing Walks, Wellbeing Gardening sessions, Tai Chi, Yoga, Pilates and Swimming
  • Patient led, tailored and supported programme of prescribed exercise/activity
  • Regular follow ups and ongoing support from peers and instructors
  • Opportunity to exercise in a Salford Community Leisure Centre nearest to you

How do I join the programme?

Referral to the programme can be made through your Cancer Nurse Specialist, GP, Practice Nurse or self-referral is possible. For more information or to self-refer to the programme please email or call 0161 778 0540 / 0161 778 0577.

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