Exercise is vitally important for us all and it’s essential for everyone to keep active during lockdown. To help you stay active at home, we’ve teamed up with Breathing Better team – Salford’s Pulmonary Rehabilitation service to create a range of videos with simple, easy to do, low intensity exercises to do at home. These can be done standing up or sitting down, whichever you feel most comfortable with.

So join Gareth, from our Active Lifestyles team as he demonstrates these exercises, with a warm up, main workout and cool down.

When completing the exercises, please ensure your space to exercise should provide standing support such as a kitchen surface or dinning table / chair. Your environment should be free from clutter or trip / falls hazards including rugs, pets, poor fitting shoes.

You should know your limits in terms of breathlessness and this will determine your level to work at throughout the programme.

If you have any symptoms of dizziness, chest pain, severe breathlessness or severe pain please stop and consult your health care practitioner.

You are not advised to exercise if you are feeling unwell, have a chest infection, have eaten a larger meal for up to 2 hours following.

The exercises last for 20 minutes and is advised to complete 3-5 times a week alongside a walking diary ensuring you increase your time and distance as your breathlessness allows.

If you have any queries regarding the exercises, which version to do or if you have any further concerns, please contact 0161 778 0577 or email active.lifestyles@scll.co.uk.

You should consulate your doctor or health care professional if you have a long-term medical condition to ensure you are appropriate for exercise.

Please ensure you’re following social distancing guidelines in accordance to government policy.

View the exercise videos below, accessible via Vimeo: