There’s a common misconception that group exercise classes are just for women. Our class schedule of over 300 classes per week, incorporates a huge variety of classes, so that you can find the right class to match your goals and personality. Plus, you’ll find both men and women reaping the rewards of incorporating group exercise into their routine. Our classes such as Spin, Circuits and HIIT based classes, have a good balance of men and women.

Read on to discover some reasons why you should consider giving a group exercise class a go. If you never have, or it’s been a while, perhaps it’s time to give a class a go:

  • Increase your motivation – The group atmosphere with like-minded people and an encouraging instructor can make a workout far more enjoyable than solo visits with your headphones in. Motivation is needed more than ever as we head into the winter months when energy levels can drop, and we need an extra boost!
  • Professional instruction – Instructors have a knack for pushing you harder than you’d normally push yourself. You may even find yourself outside of your comfort zone, if that’s your goal, and be surprised at how genuinely challenging classes can be. Plus, you’ll benefit from professional advice to ensure you’re executing your exercises in the right way.
  • Mix up your classes to gain the most benefit from your workouts – Whether you’re looking for low impact, high impact, resistance, or weight training as part of your group exercise, having a variety of class types in your routine can increase metabolism from exercising different muscle groups.
  • Have more fun – Group exercise classes are designed to be fun. Why not commit to meeting a friend for a class using your Bring a Friend member benefit?

Becky King, one of our SCL group exercise instructors says ‘One of the main reasons men are afraid to join a group exercise class is because they think they might be the only man in the class. That’s not the case anymore as more men are seeing the benefits of including group exercise in their workout routine. There are men in every one of my classes – except for Booty Bands – but they’re always welcome!’

So, if you’re feeling like now is a good time to give a class a try, book now with a friend or speak to a member of the leisure team for advice on which class might be the right one for you.


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