Struggling to find time to exercise? A HIIT class might be your answer.

You may be familiar with ‘HIIT’ – that’s ‘high intensity interval training’ if you’re not. You might love it, or you might loathe it! It’s an energetic workout involving short periods of intense exercise alternated with recovery periods.

Leanne Sheehy, Group Exercise instructor at SCL says:

‘Many people feel like they struggle to find time to exercise, which is the beauty of a HIIT class’

‘You gain maximum health benefits in minimum time which is ideal if you’ve a busy lifestyle. Take a HIIT Step class for example. Classes provide a full body workout in 30 minutes using a step and dynamic bodyweight exercises. Classes are designed to improve power, increase strength and burn hundreds of calories’.

Metafit is another great choice for a quick and powerful workout. Classes combine the latest training techniques with traditional old school body weight exercises to set the metabolism on fire! A class can keep you burning fat for up to a period of 24 hours after the training session. Basically, you keep burning your excess body fat even at rest. Win win!

Why not try out our BRAND NEW HIITNRIDE class that has just been added. It’s a high intensity training workout on a bike. Take your cardio workout to another level, with this high energy class. The intensity is increased by periods of either adding more speed, resistance or incline. Check out our timetable below to view the new classes.

Take a look at our choice of HIIT classes here →

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