Associated Board examinations

Due to the current COVID-19 outbreak, unfortunately we had to take the decision to cancel the spring examinations that were due to take place on Tuesday 28 and Wednesday 29 April. As the situation evolved, it also meant we needed to cancel the summer examinations that were scheduled for Tuesday 14 and Wednesday 15 July.

We are very sorry that we could not run the exams as planned. We know that pupils were disappointed, but we also know that the ABRSM has made this decision in everyone’s best interests.

Entries will be deferred to December. Dates are still to be confirmed but will appear here, and all applicants will be informed of the next examinations dates soon.

  • Grade 1 – £48.00
  • Grade 2 – £54.00
  • Grade 3 – £62.00
  • Grade 4 – £67.00
  • Grade 5 – £73.00
  • Grade 6 – £83.00
  • Grade 7 – £88.00
  • Grade 8 – £104.00

The above fees include an administration fee of £5.00.

An accompanist is required for all examinations except piano. We are able to offer an accompanist and aural training sessions to any pupil taught by a MAPAS tutor at a cost of £5 each. Please see the entry form for more details. If you do not have lessons with a MAPAS tutor but would like to enter for an exam, please contact the MAPAS office directly on 0161 778 0256 or email

Parents are responsible for the transportation of their child to and from the examination. Please check your school holiday dates before entering.

For further information regarding our examination sessions please contact the MAPAS office on 0161 778 0256 or by email at