Meet Gosia, 33 years old, who has been a member of CrossFit SCL for the past 18 months. Gosia shares her fitness journey with us and shows us what girl power really looks like!

Back in my student years in Yorkshire, I really enjoyed running, road running, park runs, obstacle races, anything that would test my endurance! Hungry for more in my mid-20s, I found myself down at a local boxing gym where I discovered a new calling for more physical fitness exercise.

As you can imagine, there weren’t many girls there, but the ones that were there, were incredible. This was a bit of me! An opportunity to test my strength and train in a physical, disciplined and technical environment’.

When I moved over to Salford a few years later, I was eager to keep my fitness up but with no knowledge of places that offered more than just a standard gym membership, I ended up out on the Quays running again. It was only once I discovered CrossFit SCL, I found a new home to train in.

For anyone thinking about starting CrossFit or wants to know more, CrossFit SCL is a great place to join. I came on an open day knowing no one – I now feel a part of a supportive CrossFit group in the city.  Whether your workout is at 6am or 6pm, the coaching staff are always there making sure you give it all and if you end up loving it as much as I do, the results will speak for themselves.

My biggest achievement so far is definitely in lifting. From never lifting a barbell in my life, to squatting my bodyweight and deadlifting 105kg in 18 months, I’m excited for the next PRs with my CrossFit SCL fam!’

Chris Smith, Head Coach says:

‘I’ve seen Gosia go from strength to strength. She joined us with an amazing engine, was raw to gymnastics and barbell work, but has really focussed on these areas of development and is truly smashing it! As a coach I’m immensely proud of each of our members, but Gosia depicts the “Hard work pays off” attitude and is an inspiring, motivating and positive presence in our box’.

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