We’re supporting Public Health England’s Better Health campaign.

Being active, leading a healthy lifestyle and undertaking regular exercise is more important than ever right now.

Public Health England’s new Better Health campaign aims to encourage adults to introduce changes that will help them work towards a healthier weight, with a suite of free tools and apps supporting people to eat better, drink less alcohol and get active. This includes a new app for the free 12-week NHS Weight Loss Plan, helping people make healthier food choices and learn skills to prevent weight gain.

We’re backing this campaign and supporting the message to highlight the importance of being active to help achieve a healthier weight. We want to help members continue their fitness journey with us.

The current evidence does not suggest that having excess weight increases people’s chances of contracting COVID-19. However, data shows that obese people are significantly more likely to become seriously ill and be admitted to intensive care with COVID-19 compared to those with a healthy BMI.

Regular exercise is also recognised as a great way to boost your immune system and having a strong immune system is the best defence against fighting disease or illness such as COVID-19.

So we’re encourage all our members to return to regular exercise in our centres. Whether you prefer using the gym, taking part in a group exercise class or going for a swim, they are all great ways to stay fit and healthy.

If you want to find out about your BMI and are looking to lose weight and access nutritional and exercise advice then find out more about our Change Your Weigh programme run by our Active Lifestyles Team.

Or, if you’re not currently a member and are looking to start being active with us, then check out our great value membership options and find the right membership for you.

The Public Health England campaign is part of the government’s new Obesity Strategy, to find out more about the Better Health campaign, visit the Public Health England website.

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