We provide a wide range of swimming lessons catering for all ages and abilities.

Our learning pathway provides lessons for complete non-swimmers through to competitive club swimmers.

We offer:

Your Swimming Journey at Salford Community Leisure:

Centre Parent & Child Pre-School Stage 1-7 Stage 1+ Stage 8-10 1-2-1 Lessons Adult Lessons
Broughton Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Clarendon No No Yes No Yes No Yes
Eccles No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Irlam & Cadishead No Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Swinton & Pendlebury Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Worsley Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


We offer 2 different payment options for our Swimming Lessons:

  • Over the counter payment – 10 sessions for £65. This can be topped up online once on the programme
  • Direct Debit payment – £25 a month (payment dates either the 1st or 15th of the month)

1-2-1 Lessons:

  • 1 session – £26.80
  • 5 sessions (bundle) – £120.50
  • 10 sessions (bundle) – £214.20
Did you know that we also offer Family Swim sessions? View our swimming timetable to check available sessions.
Our learning pathway is made up of the following stages:

Our 30-minute Parent and Child sessions are designed to introduce babies and toddlers to the water to build confidence through fun and games with the support of their parent or guardian.

Our 30-minute Preschool lessons are suitable for children from 3 years old.

We believe that the first experiences during a child’s early years, of water and the pool environment, should be positive, fun, and memorable.

The key focus areas of the Pre-School Framework are:

  • Giving children confidence from the word go
  • Teaching the core skills needed to learn the four strokes through fun and games

From 4 years onwards, children can join our main Learn to Swim programme to work through Stages 1 – 7 (Descriptions below).

Stage 1 (4 years +)

  • Children are encouraged to move around the pool and become confident with water on their face.

Stage 2

  • Children will learn to be confident with their face in the water, or having water on their face, which is crucial to stroke development. This stage also introduces various safety skills, such as being able to float, whilst also developing a swimmer’s kicking ability, leading to independent travel in water.

Stage 3

  • Children will learn to streamline through push and glides, whilst also swimming underwater. Swimmers will develop safe entries into the water, including submersion, and travel up to 10 metres on their front and back. Water safety knowledge and rotation skills will also be progressed.

Stage 4

  • Swimmers will perfect their leg kicks for all four strokes and further develop push and glides, whilst also being introduced to sculling.

Stage 5

  • Swimmers will develop their skills in treading water, learn the correct arm pulls for all four strokes and learn how to do handstands and somersaults.

Stage 6

  • Teaches swimmers how to prepare for exercise, whilst developing an efficient technique for all four strokes and further developing surface dives.

Stage 7

    • Focuses on fully developing all four swimming strokes, as well as building stamina and improving diving skills.

Stage 1+

  • We offer a fantastic opportunity for any young person aged 7 years + the opportunity to learn to swim with a group of a similar age. These classes are taught with the older child in mind and will be adapted to encourage and motivate them to learn to swim.

Our 1-2-1 swimming lessons are a fantastic way to give your child that head start in their Learn to Swim Journey or give them a little more guidance if they start to stall and struggle with particular skills.

1-2-1 lessons means that the teacher is giving your child individual attention to improve their confidence, hone their skills and become a more proficient swimmer.

Adult 1-2- 1 lessons are also available on request.

Swimmers who have achieved all the skills required through our Learn to Swim programme will enter our Academy Programme, made up of Stages 8 – 10. These are for young people who would like to continue to develop their aquatic skills further. These stages extend the skills and abilities of the young swimmer and can introduce other disciplines such as:

  • Rookie lifeguard
  • Snorkelling
  • Artistic Swimming

Swimming JourneySwimmers who have achieved all the skills required through our Learn to Swim programme will enter our Academy Programme above which provides the stepping stone from our Learn to Swim programme to our Competitive Training Scheme.

For further details check out our Competitive Training Scheme page.

Our Adult Learn to swim framework is designed to meet the needs of adults and motivate them to learn this lifelong skill. It caters for all abilities, from non-swimmers, nervous or returning swimmers to those who want to improve their strokes and technique.

For further details visit our Adult Swimming Lessons page.