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Little Red Riding Hood’s friend arrives to tell us the story but has a problem, there are no pages in the book! He tries to tell the story and we meet Red Riding Hood’s mum, dad and grandma but he keeps getting the story wrong. So Cinderella arrives to help, dancing a conga with her Jack’s Baked Beans Band and suggests auditions to find the Wolf to end the story.

There is lots of participation in this theatre show, with the audience becoming Cinderella’s backing band, auditioning to be wolves, helping Red Riding Hood’s dad cut down trees and dancing a conga.

Tradition is left far behind in this fast, funny show that uses lots of slapstick and child participation. A fine introduction to theatre that presents a variety of fairy tales. The children will be captivated from start to finish.

Ticket only event. All ages are welcome, but most suitable for children 4-8 years old and their families.

£3 per person, both adults and children need a ticket. Booking required.

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