Synchro Mermaids

Introducing Synchro Mermaids – the perfect beginner’s group for those looking to explore the world of Artistic Swimming!

Our group focuses on teaching swimmers the basic techniques of the sport. Swimmers will have fun learning routines and can progress through our Synchro development pathway to eventually join the competitive squads that participate at regional and national levels.

To join Synchro Mermaids, swimmers should be able to swim two lengths of 50m (2 lengths) confidently and feel comfortable underwater (performing handstands, forward rolls, etc).

There are no age restrictions, but typically, children between 7-12 years old can join this group. Boys and girls are welcome to participate.

If you have any queries, please email

Sessions available:

Leisure Centre Day Time
Eccles Fridays 5pm
Worsley Saturdays 3:15pm
Swinton & Pendlebury Sundays 12:30pm

Book online or at your local leisure centre.

If your child is currently in mainstream lessons (must be stage 5 upwards), reach out to your local leisure centre to make the switch to Synchro Mermaids.