Meet Emma and Ste Heaton – a husband and wife who have had their CrossFit SCL membership for 8 months.

They started their CrossFit journey after wanting to give it a try and see if it was for them. With no previous CrossFit experience, they attended a free trial after hearing about it through their existing membership at SCL. After their first session they were hooked!

“Before attending CrossFit we both ran two or three times a week and went to the gyms at Salford Community Leisure once or twice a week. We had no previous experience of CrossFit and didn’t really know what to expect. We went into our first session thinking we were reasonably fit, this highlighted how wrong we were! From talking to coach Chris afterwards, his enthusiasm and knowledge together with the sense of family at the box drew us in. We knew this could really make a huge difference not only to our fitness but our lives in general and it certainly has. We now plan our week around our sessions at the box, we have both made huge progress, lost over a stone in weight each and have noticed big changes to our physiques. We still use the gym and pool facilities at other SCL locations when we can but CrossFit it our main focus, it’s really changed our lives”.

Ste and Emma’s fitness has gone from strength to strength since joining CrossFit SCL.

Ste said ‘That very first workout challenged my every fibre and I was hooked. I’ve taken massive leaps in my cardio vascular fitness and strength and improved my range of motion and barbell technique. My goal is to become the fittest I can be and develop as an athlete’. Equally, Emma has a challenging goal this year –

Emma said ‘I’m training for a marathon and want to improve my leg strength to assist with my training. I’d encourage anyone whether an absolute beginner or advanced athlete to give CrossFit SCL a go – there’s a real community here, everyone encourages and inspires each other and there’s all levels of abilities. The team’s knowledge and way they can adapt their teaching to individual needs is amazing. Giving CrossFit a go was the best decision we’ve made for our fitness’.

‘Ste has posted some amazing scores and times, and this is all down to his “can do” attitude and consistency’ says Chris Smith, Head Coach at the Box. ‘And as a coach one of my proudest moments was watching Emma overcome a workout where a challenging movement had her questioning her own ability. She recomposed and came back into the box with renewed determination and smashed the workout’!

A CrossFit SCL membership now includes all the benefits of an SCL All Inclusive membership. So that’s UNLIMITED access to all SCL leisure facilities across the city, as well as unlimited access to the CrossFit box for just £75 a month.

So, if you’re looking to set yourself a new challenge, have you considered giving CrossFit a go? Check out CrossFit SCL to make an enquiry and book a free trial.

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