Meet David Parkin, one of our group exercise fitness instructors. David tells us about his passion for fitness and the importance of keeping going during the winter months.

Hi I’m David and I’m a Group Exercise Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer based mainly at Swinton & Pendlebury, and Worsley Leisure Centres. I currently teach over 20 classes a week so if you’ve ever attended the likes of Bodycombat, Spinning, Sprint, Core or Metafit to name a few, then you are likely to have met me. All abilities and levels are catered for in my classes. There is a real togetherness and a great group of people who help and motivate each other.

As a Personal Trainer, I specialise in weight loss & fitness. Not so long ago, I was over 18 stone myself, and never exercised.

I decided to join Salford Community Leisure, participated in many different classes and with a good diet, dropped down to 11 stone in no time. All with lots of help from the team at Swinton & Pendlebury Leisure Centre. This change of lifestyle then led me to pursue my much-loved career as a Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer which has enabled me to help others with their fitness journeys.

I haven’t looked back. My fitness is now at an extremely high level. Whether I’m running marathons or cycling hundreds of miles. The group exercise classes have given me the base fitness and foundations to do this. They provide for well-rounded cross training, perfect for any athlete or fitness enthusiast.

Make use of the classes even more so in winter. It may be cold and dark outdoors, but it’s vital to maintain fitness, or to keep on top of that weight loss pathway through the winter months.

Keep striving towards those goals. Summer smiles are made in the winter miles!

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