Meet two of our inspiring junior members in this month’s Member Spotlight. George Taylor-Short age 13 and Harrison Smith age 14. They tell us a bit about themselves and what motivates them to hit the gym!

‘Hi, my name is George and I’m a junior member at Eccles Leisure Centre. I tend to go to the gym 3-4 times a week, mainly Eccles Leisure Centre as I can walk there straight from school. I like that juniors are allowed in until early evening.

I’ve found it really welcoming and friendly plus the equipment is always clean and tidy. A lot of my friends are members too which is great. In the school holidays we’ll all go together, we usually do a quick workout and then a swim. I will quite often go along on my own too after school or with my older brother. I usually see someone I know as my football team are in pre -season training mode and hitting the gym!

I do a lot of cardio, mainly running and rowing, and then do some strength training. I play football so strength training is important to me to ensure I’m fit for the new football season. I would say my main aims are to keep fit, build a strong body and establish good habits for life.

For anyone thinking about a junior membership I’d say go for it. It is very good value every month (good for Mums and Dads pockets!) and it’s great being able to go from the age of 11.
My top tip for any juniors would be to use your time wisely in the gym and make sure you actually work out and be inspired by others in the gym to get as fit and healthy as you can’.

‘Hi, I’m Harrison Smith, I’m 14 and I’m a member at Worsley Leisure Centre. I tend to train 2-3 times per week in the gym but also love that I can use the pool whenever I fancy. I like to mix my training sessions up and I’m currently focused on swimming where I regularly swim 64+ lengths and I’m building on it.

I come with my friends, it’s easy to get to after school when we’re altogether but I’ll often just come on my own as I follow a personalised programme.

My main motivator is to keep fit, but I love a challenge or goal to keep things interesting for example, swimming a number of lengths or running for times. I’d highly recommend a membership to juniors especially to those struggling with confidence’.

If you know a Junior or a Teen who might be interested in finding out more about our junior membership options, click here.

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