A New Mum’s Circuit class is coming to Salford Sports Village this Friday 1 October!

This new class, ran by Denise will run weekly, every Friday from 11.30am – 1.00pm until Friday 17 December.

Mum’s can bring there babies, either in a car seat or baby carrier (up to 1 years old) as long as they will stay in there car seat/carrier (like we do at our Spinning Mum’s classes).

The class is 45 minutes long, then once the class is finished, there will be 45 minutes to have a brew, chat, make new friends and feed babies. Denise will also be staying after the class to discuss your fitness journey after having a baby, write programmes for you to do during the week and support you on your fitness journey.

Please note: All attendees need to have had their 6 week post partum check and the all clear before exercising. They will be asked to fill in a Health Commitment form and there will be a box added to tick to say they have had their 6 week check and the all clear.

Book now via the app, website or by calling your local leisure centre.

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