January is synonomous with New Year resolutions, creating new, healthy habits and setting personal goals. Many people make the mistake of setting too big a goal to achieve and that’s where their resolutions fall off track after a positive start.

David Parkin, an SCL group exercise instructor and Personal Trainer, gives his advice on how to keep those health and fitness resolutions going throughout the year:

  • ‘The key is to make your goals realistic for you. Take small, actionable steps, that suit your lifestyle. For example, if you are new to group exercise classes, start with some of the easier classes and build up slowly. And don’t be frightened of the harder classes’.
  • ‘Be patient and progress will come. Fitness takes time, years even, but there is no limit’.
  • ‘Your routine should be fun as well as challenging to keep you motivated. Having a gym buddy, joining a group ex class, or building a connection with a PT can all keep your motivation strong. A consistent fitness routine is an effective one’.

Take some inspiration from some of our members and staff, who share with us their goals for 2022:

‘I’m challenging myself to get a new personal best at Park Run in under 23 minutes’.
Anna Mcenteggart, SCL member

‘After joining CrossFit SCL with no previous experience, my goal is to continue to improve my lifting technique and hit consistent reps in gymnastics’.
Julia Ruffles, CrossFit SCL member

‘My personal challenge is to complete the Majorca 312 cycling event in under 10 hours and I also want to get a personal best over several time trial distances’.
David Parkin, SCL instructor

Share your challenge or goal for 2022 with us! We’d love to hear from you at info@scll.co.uk.

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