Say hello to Helen, one of our team of Aquatic Coordinators. Helen teaches at Swinton and Pendlebury Leisure Centre and Broughton Leisure Centre and has been with us since 1992 as a Leisure Attendant. She qualified as a teacher shortly after and has been teaching since 2003.

We asked Helen what she loves about her job:

‘I absolutely love teaching. Whether it’s adult lessons or children’s lessons. To interact, to see their own personal progression, it’s great.  Often our new swimmers are nervous and worried to start with, but with encouragement, guidance and most importantly FUN lessons, it’s wonderful to see how that initial nervousness changes to confidence with a desire to progress and keep learning. To see our swimmers come out of armbands and achieve their goals, it’s really rewarding.

What I particularly love about our adult programme, is when grandparents come for lessons because they want to learn to surprise the grandchildren on their next holiday. That’s really special. I love being part of helping someone achieve their goal for such a personal reason’.

Helen was also an integral part of Cornelius O’Keefe’s learn to swim journey. Cornelius learnt to swim through SCL’s adult swimming lessons and credits Helen for him being able to compete in triathlons.

Helen had this to say. ‘Cornelius is a lovely gentleman. He came to me with a plan of what he wanted to learn. It was easy, he was keen and eager to take in everything I said. And through his own determination he did everything to the best of his ability, progressing week on week’.

Out of work, Helen has three children so is a busy Mum – here, there and everywhere and is a keen reader. Don’t hesitate to say hi to Helen if you see her around at the centres!

If you’ve been inspired by Cornelius or Helen and would like to find out more, then check out our adult swimming lessons.

There is currently availability at Swinton & Pendlebury Leisure Centre and Broughton Leisure Centre. New classes are coming to Irlam & Cadishead and Eccles Leisure Centres soon, so you can register your interest (September 2022).

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