Previously known as Wider Opportunities, WCIT is a scheme ordinarily designed for primary schools (Key Stage 2).

The scheme involves a whole class learning to play a musical instrument for a year. The choice of instrument is dependent on availability and selected from the following; orchestral strings, guitar, ukulele, brass, woodwind, percussion, or a mixture of these. The programme involves the whole class learning together and also develops musicianship skills through singing and other musical activities. It is recommended that a member of the school staff also learns to play alongside the children. The scheme can be adapted for younger or older students and has worked successfully in secondary schools in the past.

Every year we host a Primary School Showcase at the Lowry for children who have taken part in the First Access scheme throughout the year.

“I think that children should universally be introduced to music early, at the age when they soak up everything so well, through such schemes as that being run by Salford Community Leisure. It’s not just about creating a new generation of musicians, but about enabling self-expression, building self-confidence, self-discipline, learning to socialise properly, and having sensitivity and respect towards other people – things which I believe help us to be better human beings” – Alison Balsom, professional trumpet player (pictured above)