WCIT (Whole Class Instrumental Tuition) allows primary school pupils to learn a musical instrument for a year

WCIT (also known as First Access or Wider Opportunities) is a scheme which enables Key Stage 2 pupils to learn a musical instrument as a whole class for a year under the guidance of a specialist MAPAS tutor.

It is recommended that a member of school staff also learns to play alongside the children. Weekly music lessons include elements of music curriculum, musicianship skills, singing and other musical activities, as well as learning to become proficient on their musical instruments. As with other music lessons provided by MAPAS, the instruments are completely free for the children to borrow. The scheme can be adapted for younger or older students, and has worked successfully in Key Stage 1 and at high school, as well as the recommended Key Stage 2 level.

The choice of instrument(s) is dependent on availability and selected from the following:

  • ​strings (violin, viola, cello)
  • woodwind (recorder, flute, clarinet)
  • brass (cornet/trumpet, trombone, euphonium)
  • percussion (samba, djembe, chime bars)
  • guitar
  • ukulele

Taking part in WCIT creates further opportunities for primary school pupils. Alongside learning to play their instrument, pupils will complete their Arts Award Discover; a nationally-recognised qualification. Every year we host a WCIT Summer Showcase at the Lowry in which the children perform. We also run an annual WCIT Play Day at our Arts Centre base in Moorside High School so that pupils can experience what it’s like to join an ensemble and progress further than their initial year of WCIT.​

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